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What We Do

Crighton Consulting partners with you to evaluate and improve business operations including the products and services you provide, how customers engage with you, and the processes done behind the scenes.


By taking a unique perspective, we identify opportunities that help you operate more efficiently and stand out in the market.


Success Stories

Small Changes Save Money

A non-profit organization was planning their annual conference, which was also their main fundraiser and awards ceremony. Historically, every year the planning team would experience challenges that would cost money, require multiple all-nighters, and negatively impact the conference attendees' experience.


In three strategic sessions, we partnered to evaluate the challenges and develop effective solutions that fit their budget and resource constraints. After the conference, the team reached out to share the changes we made were manageable and gave them more control and peace of mind throughout the planning process. And the best part - they avoided any costly oversights, met their fundraising goals, and provided a top-rated conference experience.


Solving the Right Problem

80% of employees were leaving in their first three years at a medium-size social service organization, and employee turnover is expensive. A Center for American Progress study estimates it costs organizations about 20% of the employee's salary, or $8,000 for an employee making $40,000/year. The leadership team believed the problem was low salaries. However, their salary range was comparable to other organizations within their industry, and turnover was higher in their corporate offices than in the field.


We partnered to determine why people were leaving and how to reduce turnover. We learned employees joined the organization to make a difference, and many in the corporate offices felt disconnected from the organization's mission. While increasing salaries would have a small impact on reducing turnover, launching a campaign to share success stories and provide opportunities for more hands-on work would have a much larger impact with a much smaller price tag.

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