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Small Businesses: Voicing Your Value

Value is important. It's what brings customers to your door again and again. It's easy to think that if you sit there silently providing this valuable experience, everyone will realize it and flock to you. But it doesn't always work that way.

Why It Matters

Put yourself in your customers shoes. When you're hiring a new employee and sifting through a stack of resumes that all look the same, it's impossible to predict the value each person might bring. So, you pick a few out of the pile and bring them in for an interview. But what is an interview? A one-shot first impression that may or may not give that person the chance to shine.

Now picture finding a stellar resume where the person talks about their above and beyond work effort, successfully sold quality add-on items 10% of the time, and increased active users of their loyalty program by 20%. In your mind, this person is already adding value to you because they told you their value.

Get Your Voice Down

The first step is developing a clear and concise impact statement. It should be ready to go when someone asks about your business. Instead of "I consult with small businesses," you should use your value proposition. "I am a consultant who helps small businesses voice their value to attract and retain customers and employees and evaluate their operations to save money and increase revenue."

Practice saying your impact statement until it feels natural. Share it with friends, family, and trusted customers to ensure it captures your true value. If you need an objective opinion on getting the right voice or the right words, Crighton Consulting can help.

Ways to Voice Your Value

It takes time and repetition to get more comfortable sharing your value. Here are 3 ways to get started:

Tell Your Customers and Employees

They've already found you, but re-enforcing your value is helpful. For customers, it highlights the value you provide that may have been subconsciously appreciated but previously overlooked. For employees, it sets clear expectations for how they should engage with the customers.

Tap Into Friends and Family

Ask those closest to you to share examples of the value you provide in reviews or on social media. First-hand accounts are a very effective way to share your value.


Whether you're sharing information on social media or taking out an ad in the local paper, your messaging should support your impact statement. You spent a lot of time developing your voice, so share it!

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